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Where in the world...

Flooding in Charleston, SC
Flooding in Charleston, SCWCBD- TV 2, Charleston

South Carolina Democrats take issue with some, if not all of the policies of their Republican Governor, Nikki Haley. State Democrats have made hay over the Governor's near refusal to comply with the Affordable Care Act mandate to establish Health Care Exchanges, the Governor's trips and even allegations of nepotism after her daughter was hired at a gift shop in a State Government Building.

So given that downtown Charleston is flooded because of Hurricane Isaac with more bad weather on the way... how do you think they are responding to her speech last night in Tampa. Once again S.C. Dems are asking... Where in the World? 

Democrats criticized Haley for being in Tampa rather than home, particularly as outer bands of Hurricane Isaac caused flooding in downtown Charleston.

State Democratic Chair Dick Harpootlian described the damage as “devastating,” adding, “The governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are all in their states making sure their citizens’ property and lives are safe and secure. Nikki once again proved that politics, not the people of her state, are the most important.”

Republicans countered with this.

S.C. GOP Chair Chad Connelly said Harpootlian is “teetering on the edge of irrelevancy” and searching for a distraction from Haley’s big moment.

Delegate Carroll Duncan of Dorchester County said she was sorry to hear Charleston flooded, “but she (Haley) couldn’t have changed that.”

Just hope the storm doesn't disrupt football season.