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Whoops! Google accidentally showed off Gmail's new design

Some of the design changes Google plans on making to Gmail were revealed when a video was inadvertently posted to the search engine giant's official YouTube account on Thursday. The video was quickly removed, but not before some folks managed to make and re-upload copies of it.

The video — a copy of which you can see below thanks to a YouTube user named "crlsndrsjmnz" — shows that the new Gmail design offers a lot of customization options including the ability to alter how densely conversations are grouped and how much space some elements (such as the chat list or labels menu) may take up. The new design also brings an entirely revamped conversation view which almost resembles Facebook Messages by adding a senders' photos next to each email.

There are no solid details regarding when this redesign will occur, but — as Google representative Andrea Freund explained to CNET after clarifying that the public wasn't "supposed to see" the video below just yet — there will be "more info on Gmail's new look soon."

It's worth noting that the accidentally posted video suggests that the redesign will be rolled out gradually over the course of several months whenever it is made public.


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