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Will the GOP condemn Bachmann's Muslim witch hunt?

Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann is promoting a new anti-Muslim conspiracy theory. Last month, she told a radio host that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the federal government, and earlier this month she joined with several other House Republicans to demand an investigation of certain Muslims serving in the government, including Hilary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin (who is married to former congressman Anthony Weiner).

Ron Reagan -- the son of the former president by the same name -- joined MSNBC's Chris Matthews to talk about Bachmann's new witch hunt. "She is an integral part of the Republican brand," noted Reagan. "While Mitt Romney, let's say, may not believe that there's a Muslim Brotherhood conspiracy in the State Department or U.S. government, some people do. And if you vote for Mitt Romney, that comes with him. This is part of the Republican Party today."

Indeed, Reagan brings up an important point. If Bachmann and her colleagues don't represent the Republican Party, then why is the party not condemning her witch hunt?

While Republicans have failed to challenge the congresswoman's Islamophobic crusade, Rep Keith Ellison, Congress's first elected Muslim, is. He sent a letter to Bachmann asking her to provide "credible substantial evidence" of her claims against Abedin and the rest of the federal government.