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Worker at Bain-owned plant to Romney: Stop sending jobs overseas

by Jillian Rayfield

A worker for a plant owned by Bain Capitol says that if the firm would just "stop sending the jobs out of the country," she and her fellow workers could hang on to their jobs. 

Cheryl Randecker and other employees of Sensata Tech, an Illinois plant owned by Bain, recently organized a protest after learning that 170 workers will be laid off and their jobs outsourced to China within the next 4-6 months.

On PoliticsNation, Randecker told the Rev. Al Sharpton that if she could, she would tell Mitt Romney that when it comes to his jobs policy: "All you would have to do is stop sending the jobs out of the country...and just keep them in the U.S. You wouldn't have to create any jobs if you just did that."

The Washington Post reported last week that Bain invested in several firms that specialized in shipping U.S. jobs overseas, in order to cut costs.

Romney left Bain over a decade ago, but he retains a financial interest in the firm he once ran. Over the last two years, he and his wife made $13 million from Bain, Politico reported.