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Would you eat vending-machine mashed potatoes?

The internet loves nothing more than a culinary oddity, and thus, video of a machine that dispenses mashed potatoes and gravy has gone viral. The comfort food vending machine is apparently a popular mainstay of 7-Eleven stores in Singapore, where the (tasty?) footage was shot.

The ladies showed the video during Thursday's show, with Hoda narrating the action.

"Here come the mashed potatoes," she said, as the mashed potatoes were squirted into a paper cup, like coffee. "And now the chicken gravy, plopping."

"Ew, ew," said KLG, adding, "ew."

Hoda liked it ("They're very popular! It's like a Slurpee machine!") but KLG said, "Just what we need with our obese society."

Well, would you, or wouldn't you?

Julieanne Smolinski is a contributor who has already eaten nacho cheese this way, so, you know, why not?

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