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Yes, your MacBook Air can double as a kitchen knife

I'm definitely not suggesting that you try it at home, but — if the following videos are to be trusted — you could use your MacBook Air as a knife if there were a cooking emergency and every other sharp-edged object disappeared from your kitchen.

Now, I don't really know what possessed the guy who runs a blog called Mochrom to cook using his MacBook Air — particularly since there are definitely some rather sharp looking knives visible in photos of his kitchen — but I'm glad he gave the whole thing a shot anyway.

The fellow tried using his lovely laptop to dice mushrooms, cut baby corn, chop cabbage, peel carrots, slice shrimp, slash bacon, and halve apples.

And ... he was reasonably successful.

The MacBook Air worked as a decent enough knife replacement — as any similarly sharp-edged object might — except when it came to bacon and carrots. (The laptop could be used to peel the carrots, but failed to chop them up into tiny bits.)

You can check out more videos and a detailed — albeit foreign language — walkthrough of the whole cooking procedure at Mochrom.

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