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Teen Driver's Car Crushed by British Tank in Augustdorf, Germany

A young German driver had a lucky escape Monday when her small Toyota car was partially crushed by a British tank.
Image: A British army tank drives over car in Augustdorf, Germany
A British army tank drove over an oncoming Toyota on a public road in Augustdorf, Germany, on Monday.Lippe police

BERLIN, Germany – A young driver had a lucky escape when her Toyota car was partially crushed by a tank.

The 18-year-old German motorist encountered a convoy of British military vehicles in the northern town of Augustdorf on Monday after turning into a road whose name translates as "Tank Ring Street.”

The 24-year-old soldier at the controls of the 68-ton Challenger was unable to stop and rolled over the front of the car.

The teen was unharmed in the incident. The area is near at least two British military bases.

“The street was built for heavy military vehicles near a large training facility,” police spokesman Lars Ridderbusch told NBC News. “The street is known among locals as a shortcut."

Earlier this year, a runaway British tank rolled into an elderly couple's front lawn in Paderborn, Germany.