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Your iPhone's Siri hates love songs

Siri — the virtual assistant feature built into the iPhone 4S — may be prone to saying some funny things at times, but she has absolutely no sense of humor when it comes to romance. And nothing — not even a beautiful love song — can win her little iPhone-shaped heart.

Don't believe me? Just look at the video above.

In that video you'll see Jonathan Mann — a fellow who has been writing, recording, producing and uploading a song a day for over 1000 days — serenade his new iPhone's virtual assistant. And you'll see her responses remain cold.

Will she marry him? No, she just wants to stay friends.

Does she love him? No, she doesn't believe herself to be capable of love.

Does she care that he loves her? No, she just wants to get back to work.

Poor Mann. I hope he finds a gadget that'll return his affections — and joyfully sing with him — one day.

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