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Zimmerman launches social media campaign

Now you can “follow” and “like” George Zimmerman on Twitter and Facebook.  Want to donate to his legal fund? You'll soon be able to do that on one of two new websites.  Zimmerman’s defense team launched the social media campaign to keep people updated on the case. While they admit it’s an “unusual” step for a high-profile, criminal case, his lawyers say they want it to serve as a way to keep fact from rumor and create a public forum for discussion.

On the website, George Zimmerman Legal Case, the defense team writes, “We do understand and acknowledge the criticism that this is an opportunistic move using the event of a tragedy for personal or firm gain. Rest assured, that if the controversy surrounding this matter subsided tomorrow, so would our efforts to address the perceived problems the way we feel is necessary.” 

George Zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February. Zimmerman's former, personal website was taken down last week. He had raised more than $200,000 in donations through that site — although none of that money had been disclosed during Zimmerman's bond hearing.