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5 Feel Good Stories: Disney Movies Help Boy Speak

They’re tales to inspire and amuse you before the work week begins.
Courtesy of the Suskind family.

They’re tales to inspire and amuse you before the work week begins.

Disney Movies Help Autistic Boy Find His Voice

Owen Suskind’s fascination with Disney characters helped give him a voice and changed everything. Now a boy who was mute can speak.

The Most Unassuming Wedding Proposal You’ll See Today

At a time when creative marriage proposals are inspiring viral videos, and major productions and can cost as much money as a reception, this proposal seems like a throwback to a time before flash mobs. A stranger captured this man’s very simple proposal on a rainy sidewalk.

You’re Daily Dose of Cute

The internet has always loved pictures of cats but now that obsession has been taken to another level. Check out the “purrito.” That’s right, it’s a kitty burrito and it’s so adorable your computer may weep.

Lessons from Success

Allow this to motivate you: Luminaries such as Sandra Day O’Connor, Lorne Michaels and Maya Angelou offer their thoughts on how to succeed outside of the traditional corporate world.

Could This Be the World’s Best Contest?

All you need to know is that bawling babies and sumo wrestlers face off in a crying contest and the pictures are a must-see.