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5 Feel Good Stories to Jump Start Your Week

Who couldn't use a little good news? Check out these five stories, which are full of love, triumph and laughter.

Behold the World’s Most Adorable Speeding Ticket

This may the only time anyone attributes positive feelings to the act of getting a speeding ticket. The photo of police “ticketing” a toddler in her toy convertible may be the most adorable thing you see today.

Girl Scouts Thwart Theft

Some eagle-eyed Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a grocery store were able to stop a shoplifter. The troop’s reward was a sweet as the treats they were selling.

Girl Scout Troop Stops Shoplifter 1:29

Couple That Met at Homeless Shelter Gives Back

A veteran having a difficult time adjusting to civilian life met a former business owner who had fallen on difficult times at a homeless shelter. Over games of chess and editing resumes, the couple fell in love and then got married. Now, the pair has founded an organization to help fight poverty and homelessness.

Facebook Reunites Mom and Long-Feared Dead Daughter

The reunion happened at the Denver airport. A mother and daughter meet for the first time in 24 years. The mom long had believed her child died in Sudan’s civil war, but found her now adult daughter was alive via Facebook.

How You Can Achieve Happiness in One Minute

The secret to happiness may be closer than you realize, according to one psychology expert. He says a forced smile actually will make you feel better and it’s just what you may need before Monday morning.