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5 Feel Good Stories to Kick Start Your Week

OK, celebrate one of the most popular words in English. See how one teen bounced back after a good deed got her fired and get more feel-good stories.
Image: Comforting words on torched shopping mall as protests threatened for coup anniversary
epa02335177 A business man walks past signage meant to comfort passers by, set up around the burnt out Central World shopping mall, torched in May by red shirt anti governmment protestors as they fled from an army advance on their occupied street camp, in Bangkok, Thailand, 14 September, 2010. The repetitive words Everything will be OK are wrapped around construction screening as work continues to restore the huge shopping center, a task that will not be completed for a number of years. This weekend anti government protesters have declared they will demonstrate to mark the 19 September, 2006 four year anniversary of the military coup that ousted former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra outside this shopping center. EPA/BARBARA WALTONBarbara Walton / EPA, file

The beginning of the work week may be hours away, but that’s no reason to feel down. Check out these stories which are sure to make you feel good.

OK, OK, OK Already

Before TTYL, BTW, BRB or other Internet lingo became popular, there was OK. It’s one of the English language’s most popular terms and it celebrates its 175th birthday today. It doesn’t matter if you spell it “OK,” or “okay;” it’s all allowed. And you can thank the now-defunct The Boston Morning Post for introducing it to the masses.

Good Deed Gets Girl Fired and Then Hired

A 19-year-old girl who says she was fired from 7-Eleven after giving coffee to a homeless man has found a new job. Massachusetts resident Ava Lins says she believed only good would come out of her giving a free small cup of coffee to a homeless man who entered her convenience store and told her he had no place to stay.

Lins, who also has struggled with homelessness, now will work at an organization that serves the needs of the destitute.

Abandoned Dog Shows Resilience as He Learns to Love Again

One abandoned dog is reminding us of the power of forgiveness. Gideon was a sickly pit bull that was starving on the streets when an animal rescuer found him. The dog’s scars weren’t merely physical, they were emotional, too. Gideon trembled at the people trying to help him. But after several months Gideon has learned to love again and the transformation is a must-see.

Photographer Uses Skills to Create Worlds for Ill Children

Canadian photographer Shawn Van Daele is using his digital art skills to create imaginative worlds for children going through chemotherapy and heart transplants. The images are full of whimsy and the kids have direct input on what their photos will look like.

One Eggs-cellent Find

A scrap metal dealer found a missing Fabergé Imperial egg that could be worth millions. The dealer bought the egg for $14,000 and planned to make a profit by selling it for its gold content. It turns out the eggs is one of 50 Fabergé imperial eggs made for Russia’s royal family.