6 Speed Reads: Did US Airways Really Tweet That?

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1.US Airways’ NSFW Tweet

US Airways screwed up. Big time. Yesterday, the airline’s Twitter account got a tweet from an unhappy customer. It responded by tweeting a link to a pornographic, definitely NSFW (Not Safe for Work) photo involving a nude woman and a model airplane. US Airways has 426,000 Twitter followers. They were not amused. No word yet on exactly how this happened, but the airline apologized, promptly deleted the tweet and launched an internal investigation.

2. Boston Bombing: 1 Year Later

Today we remember all those who died or were injured in the bombing at last year’s Boston Marathon. The city paid tribute to the victims at a noon memorial service attended by Vice President Biden. About 36,000 people are expected to run in the 118th annual marathon, with an estimated 1 million people cheering them on along the 26.2 mile course. And while extra security precautions are being taken, authorities say they hope the marathon will maintain a celebratory atmosphere.

3. The Foolproof Way to Get a Prom Date

Oh, prom season. It’s time for awkwardly-posed photos, fresh corsages and – if he agrees – a matching boutonniere. But all that means nothing if you don’t have a date, and one 17-year-old isn’t taking any chances. California native Stefan Montana asked “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston to film a message to his friend Maddie. “Maddie, if you don’t go to the prom with Stefan, then maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly,” Cranston said, channeling character Walter White. Looks like it sealed the deal: Maddie said yes.

4. Over the Hill at 24

There could be more to that quarter-life crisis than you originally thought. Researchers at Canada’s Simon Fraser University say you’re actually over the hill once you hit 24. They studied people ages 16-44 playing the video game StarCraft 2 to measure cognitive performance. Researchers determined that around age 24, people tend to suffer a decline in “cognitive motor performance.” So, either those researchers are onto something, or video games really do turn your brain into to goop.

5. Angry at Your Spouse? Have a Snack

Marriage: what’s glucose got to do with it? Well, apparently a lot. According to a new study, low blood sugar can turn spouses against one another. In the experiment, psychologist Brad Bushman recruited 107 couples and sent each volunteer home with a voodoo doll. He then instructed them to stab the doll with pins depending on how angry they were with their spouse. Bushman and his team found that the people with lower blood sugar levels stuck more pins in the voodoo dolls and were more likely to lash out. So the next time you’re feeling cranky, take note: a visit to the kitchen may do you a world of good.

6. And the World’s Toughest Job Goes To…

Would you apply for a job that requires you to be on your feet constantly, to eat lunch only after your “associate” has eaten and to work on holidays? Not many people would, but in a Mother’s Day ad from cardstore.com, we are reminded that moms everywhere willingly and lovingly take on these responsibilities. In the ad, the company stages an interview with a recruiter who lists motherly duties while describing the fake job: “It’s basically 24 hours a day … there are no breaks available.” Point taken. Moms are the best.