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1. What Does the White House Fox Say?

There’s a pointy-eared intruder on White House grounds and he’s called the residence home ever since October. So far, we don’t believe he’s received a presidential nickname. The little red fox has highly-trained Secret Service agents scratching their heads as he continues to elude capture, tearing through the White House garden and trotting along the White House lawn. President Obama has even spotted the fox, according to the Wall Street Journal. While DC isn’t for everyone, this furry guest has made himself at home, right at the seat of power.

2. Pope Francis Washes the Feet of the Faithful

On Thursday, Pope Francis washed the feet of the elderly and disabled in Rome as part of a pre-Easter ritual. The practice is designed to show the Pope’s readiness to serve others. In keeping with the Pope’s more liberal practices, several women and a Muslim were among the 12 who received a footbath from the Holy Father.

3. Opera Star Livens Up Paris Subway

Opera singer Christophe Menager gave a surprise performance inside a bustling Paris subway station -- and one of the lucky commuters caught it all on tape. Adrien Dehlalle, the person who uploaded the video, said the opera star often sings for passersby who either can’t afford, or wouldn’t normally attend, the opera. We can’t tell what he’s singing about, but regardless, it’s an impressive performance.

4. Possible Food Poisoning at Food Safety Convention

You might think that a Food Safety Summit is the one place you’re perfectly safe to dig in at meal time. Well, maybe not. At least four people reported food poisoning symptoms after eating a meal during the summit, which took place earlier this month. No particular food has been identified as the culprit, as the investigation is in its early stages. It could turn out to be something other than food poisoning. But still, the irony.

5. Peruvian Jail Has Easter Spirit

By now, you’ve heard of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Chances are you’ve never seen it like this. Using elaborate sets and costumes, inmates at a Peruvian prison performed the play ahead of Holy Week celebrations. The all-inmate cast was directed by a 35-year-old convicted robber. The prison says the play will encourage the inmate rehabilitation process. Sure, but does it compare to this?

6. Chipotle to Raise Prices for the First Time in 3 Years

Bad news for Chipotle fans. Due to the recent increase in food costs in the U.S., Chipotle will be jacking up their prices for the first time in three years. The burrito giant’s CFO estimated that the price hike will be “somewhere in the mid-single digits” percentage-wise. The price of beef, avocados and cheese have been skyrocketing, and during the first quarter of 2014, food costs ate into 34.5 percent of Chipotle’s revenue. On behalf of steak taco lovers everywhere, we hope beef prices level out sometime soon so Chipotle lunches still fit into our budget.