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6 Speed Reads: Grandpa-to-Be Bursts Into Tears of Joy

In today's midday reads: A dad finds out he’s going to be a grandpa, the Bronx Zoo welcomes baby gorillas, and Seth Meyers will host the Emmys.
When my dad found out he was going to be a grandpa.
When my dad found out he was going to be a grandpa.Jessica Hickey via youtube

1. Must Watch: Grandpa-to-Be Bursts Into Tears of Joy

This dad has a priceless reaction when he discovers he’s going to be a grandpa. The video was posted by YouTube user Jessica Hickey, who wrote on Reddit: “I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night. I think he is happy.” Watch it below and be prepared for some happy tears of your own.

2. Another Dad Who’s Making Us Cry Today

Just when you thought you were finished crying, go grab another box of Kleenex before watching this video of a man and his best friend. In a video posted to YouTube, Lisa Abetya writes,“My dad has Alzheimer’s. He has lost almost all of his speech.” In the sweet moment caught on video, her father’s speech returns while playing fetch. “Why don’t I take care. I’ll take you,” her father says to their dog, “And you take me.”

3. George W. Bush's Artwork for Your Home

Remember the paintings President George W. Bush made of world leaders? Now you can have a piece of his artwork in your home. An unknown artist on the website Society6 has printed the portraits on household items. There’s a Tony Blair tote bag and a Vladimir Putin clock. This might be a short-lived venture. It’s illegal to appropriate the former president’s art without permission. And as the seller is anonymous, it’s unclear if he or she has permission. For now, the proceeds will benefit War Child International.

4. Is Binge Drinking Making You Fat?

It’s no surprise evenings that begin with lots of cocktails usually end with scarfing down really greasy food. The next morning might even include another filling meal to “cure” the hangover. Now, experts say all that extra food is causing you to gain upwards of 2 pounds a week. Researchers found people who drink more than three large glasses of wine consume upwards of 6,300 extra calories the following day. The bad health effects are compounded by a lack of drive to exercise.

5. Seth Meyers to Host 2014 Emmy Awards

Seth Meyers is having an awesome week. The “Late Night” host was honored as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential people on Thursday. The same day, it was announced Meyers has been tapped to host NBC’s Primetime Emmy Awards telecast. And guess who’s not jealous at all? NBC News’ Lester Holt. Last night, Holt appeared on “Late Night” in a hilarious segment called “Forced Friendship with Seth and Lester.” Meyers and Holt went out with a film crew and spent the day getting to know each other. You’ll have to watch to see what happens when a late-night talk show host hangs out with a serious journalist like Lester Holt.

6. Bronx Zoo Welcomes Baby Gorillas

The Bronx Zoo’s summer season is off to an exciting start with the arrival of two baby western lowland gorillas – the first to be born at the zoo in eight years. Zookeepers haven’t gotten close enough yet to determine their genders, but we do know that they have two different mothers, Julia and Tuti, and the same dad, Ernie. Luckily, the zoo knew they couldn't make this kind of announcement without giving the public a video of tiny gorillas doing cute things. The footage won’t disappoint you.