7 Stories to Skim: 'Game of Thrones' Star Comes Out as Gay

Bran Stark and Kristian Nairn in Game of Thrones.
Bran Stark and Kristian Nairn in Game of Thrones.HELEN SLOAN / HBO

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Here are seven stories from the "Nightly News" team that caught our attention as we get ready for tonight's broadcast.

1. 'I've Been Waiting for Someone to Ask Me'

“Game of Thrones” star Kristian Nairn came out as gay during an interview with the fan blog Winter Is Coming. He also revealed that he’s even tried to lead interviewers to ask him about his sexuality “to no avail,” until now. “I've never hidden my sexuality from anyone … I've been waiting for someone to ask me about it in an interview, because it’s not something you just blurt out.” Nairn plays Hodor in the show with lines consisting of little more than one word: his name.

2. Tragedy at SXSW

Two people were killed and 23 injured when a suspected drunk driver plowed down a busy street early this morning at the Austin-based music and technology festival SXSW. The driver, who jumped out of his car and attempted to flee the scene, faces two counts of capital murder.

3. Hal Douglas, Superstar of Movie Trailer Narrators, Dies at 89

Hal Douglas, the man with that distinct, gravelly baritone voice you've heard on thousands of movie trailers over the years, from "Forrest Gump" to "Lethal Weapon" to "Con Air" has died at 89. The voice-over artist best known for his “in a world” phrase was able to transport millions of movie-goers to a world of fantasy, mystery and romance. Douglas hung up his microphone two years ago, but his legacy and voice will be forever ingrained in the American moviegoer and in pop culture.

4. Don't Mess With Hockey Fans and Their Beer

A few Idaho Steelheads hockey fans were less than pleased to discover that their large $7 beer cup holds exactly the same amount of liquid as the small $4 cup of beer. Boise’s CenturyLink Arena, where the beer was sold, is now facing a potential class action lawsuit from the fans who say that they have been duped.

5. Bloomberg: How Target ‘Blew It’

How did thieves manage to extract 40 million credit card numbers and 70 million addresses from Target customers? Bloomberg Businessweek did a deep dive into the Target data hack, speaking with “former Target employees familiar with the company’s data security operation, as well as eight people with specific knowledge of the hack and its aftermath.” What Bloomberg discovered is that Target’s security team had, in fact, been alerted soon after malware was uploaded to the company’s security and payments system. They say the retailer took no immediate action.

6. Amazon’s Prime Membership Jumps to $99 a Year

The annual price of Amazon Prime membership is going up. Now customers will pay $20 more for Prime, bringing the cost to $99 a year. If you’re still a student you’ll pay $49, a $10 increase. With Prime, members can get free two-day shipping on many Amazon products, borrow Kindle books and stream movies and TV shows. The company blames rising fuel and shipping costs for the price hike, which comes after a disappointing earnings report.

7. Will It Really Taste 'Like Happiness'?

Adam Fleischman, the man behind the hip, boutique foodie favorite Unami Burger chain is about to test his next big food idea: Choco Chicken. He wants to reinvent fried chicken by marrying it with chocolate. "In 70 years, nobody has completely reinvented fried chicken," said Fleischman. "There are more upscale versions of it, but it's still very recognizable. So we said, 'Hey, why don't we take fried chicken and turn it on its ear?'" Choco Chicken’s first outpost will open in L.A. sometime in April.