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7 Stories to Skim: Get 'Happy' and Watch Choir Outshine Pharrell

In today's lunchtime reads: a Detroit children's choir sings a viral rendition of "Happy," new details on Flight 370, and falling lobster prices.
Courtesy of the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences

Here are seven stories from the "Nightly News" team that caught our attention as we get ready for tonight's broadcast.

1. Watch Detroit Kids Sing Pharrell Williams' Song 'Happy'

If you thought Pharrell Williams’ song “Happy” couldn’t get any more joyful, just watch the Detroit kids choir rendition. So far it’s been viewed more than 537,000 times on YouTube. A parent captured their heart-warming performance during one of the choir’s rehearsals -- and at the time, they hadn’t even learned the entire song. Soon, they might end up on TV -- they’ve now been contacted by several shows including “Today” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” “Everyone is so excited for the children,” Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences CEO Maurice Morton told The Detroit News.

2. White House Pastry Chef Quits

After seven years in the White House kitchen, Executive Pastry Chef Bill Yosses has made a “bittersweet” decision -- he’s moving to New York. Yosses, who was hired by Laura Bush in 2007, but mainly worked with the Obamas, says that the First Lady’s focus on health was an inspiration, and in his next career move he will focus on teaching all of us how to be healthier.

3. Flight 370: The Plot Thickens … Again

Today we learned the FBI is being asked to help recover files deleted from the flight simulator that belonged to the pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The flight simulator program has the ability replicate a specific flight path -- could the missing data offer any clues about the location of the jetliner? Malaysian authorizes have cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying that the file deletion may have been routine maintenance of the program.

4. Lobster Becoming an Everyday Treat

When ordering your usual BLT for lunch, the “L” could soon stand for lobster. The tasty crustacean is no longer an occasional, indulgent treat meant for birthdays, special nights out and anniversaries. Due to a soaring supply -- and therefore lower prices -- lobster is popping up everywhere from the corner grocery store to the chain sandwich shop.

5. Google Jumps on Smartwatch Bandwagon

Tired of having to pull a phone out of your pocket or dig for it in your handbag every time it rings or receives a text message? Soon checking your email or answering the phone will be as easy as glancing at your wrist. Recently Google announced two new Android smartwatches in partnership with Motorola and LG: the Moto 360 and the G Watch. Could this mean an Apple smartwatch is soon to follow?

6. World’s Most Expensive Dog Sold for $1.9 Million

Who’s a good dog? A Tibetan mastiff just sold for nearly $2 million dollars -- that’s a lot of biscuits! An unnamed developer purchased the rare lion-like canine at a luxury pet fair in Eastern China. In 2011, a red Tibetan mastiff named “Big Splash” sold for $1.6 million.

7. Discover How Fast the Internet Spread Across the World

For those 25 and under, it’s hard to imagine a time when the Internet wasn’t ubiquitous. But just two decades ago, the World Wide Web was in its infancy. In celebration of the web’s 25th birthday, Esri created this interactive map showing how the web spread across the world from 1993 – 2012. In 1993, usage was limited to just 39 countries worldwide but by 2012, 80 countries were more than 50 percent connected.