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Awkward Family Photos: Nightly Viewers Share Theirs

"Nightly News" now has its own collection of awkward family photos, following a report on a California exhibition featuring some of the best.
Courtesy of the Kent family

During Thursday night's broadcast, Brian Williams asked viewers to share their awkward family photos following a report on a photo exhibit in California.

Here are some of the highlights:

Tanise Fonseca Cullings shared this photo with the message: "My son was looking for the Easter eggs!"Tanise Fonseca Cullings
Elizabeth Kent shared this photo of her family. "I'd rather just tuck this far, far away in a hidden closet somewhere then show it to the world," said Kent. "But it's pretty perfect for what you're looking for (or at least we think so)!" Indeed, it is.Elizabeth Kent
Jennifer Blakeslee Peterson sent us an elementary school photograph with this comment to share: "Fourth grade was slightly difficult. Gee, wonder why?"Jennifer Blakeslee Peterson
One viewer had this photo to share from a family outing in Amish Country.

We have more photos on our "Nightly News" Facebook page for those who just can't get enough.