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Bernie Sanders Shrugs Off Albright’s Foreign Policy Slam

Bernie Sanders Dismisses Albright Foreign Policy Remarks as ‘Unfortunate Statement’ 1:12

With just two days till the New Hampshire primary, Senator Bernie Sanders is pushing back against allegations that he doesn’t have enough foreign policy credentials to become president of the United States.

“It's the same argument used against Barack Obama in 2008," Sanders told NBC News' Kate Snow. "He doesn't have any experience in foreign policy. But it didn't work then, won't work now."

The Vermont Democrat said that while he doesn’t have a foreign policy advisor on his campaign, there is one in his U.S. Senate office and touts his Iraq war vote as a good sign of his judgment.

“Not only did I vote against that war, which was the right vote, I helped lead the opposition to that war,” he said.

While on the stump for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire on Saturday, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright questioned Sanders interest in foreign policy saying, "it’s not his thing."

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Albright served as secretary of state in the Clinton administration and before that as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She noted that while serving in those positions, she had never recalled Sanders participation in any foreign policy issues she was involved in.

But Albright has been urging young women voters that it is their duty to support Hillary Clinton’s presidency.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don't support each other," she told NBC’s Kristen Welker.

To that, Sanders responded saying, “I think that’s an unfortunate statement. I think women should help women and women should help men.”

According to a recent NBC News/WSJ/Maris poll, Sanders leads Clinton among women in New Hampshire 50 percent to 46 percent.

“People are hurting right now,” he said. “And people are really angry about establishment politics and economics, about income and wealth inequality.”