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Catch up on the week's most popular stories including a waitress’ really big tip, a cancer survivor’s smart idea and a new way to see awkward photos.

Awkward Family Photos Go on Display

Now there’s a whole exhibit dedicated to those Awkward Family Photos that make the Internet laugh. It’s a chance to see all the uncomfortable, embarrassing and odd pictures up close.

Is This the Best Tip Ever?

A waitress gets the surprise of a lifetime when she receives an unexpected gratuity. But this isn’t just another story about a restaurant worker receiving some extra cash. She got so much more.

Cancer Survivor’s YouTube Idea Takes Off

In an effort to help find a cure for her disease, one cancer survivor has made a huge impact.

Five Percent of Patients Misdiagnosed Annually

A new study says patients with conditions like pneumonia or lung cancer could be misdiagnosed when they seek care outside of a hospital.