In Case You Missed It: Fort Hood Shooter's Wife Reacts

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Find out how the Fort Hood gunman’s wife’s reacted to the deadly attack and catch up on the week’s other news stories.

Fort Hood Gunman’s Wife Breaks Down

The tale of the deadly Fort Hood shooting dominated the news this week. Authorities still are trying to unravel the reasons behind Spc. Ivan Lopez’s deadly rampage. So many questions remain for law enforcement, victims’ families and even Lopez’s wife.

George W. Bush Showcases Hidden Skill

It’s less about policy and politics and more about painting. George W. Bush has kept a low profile since leaving office in 2009, but now the former president is letting the public see a new side of him – an artistic side. The Texan has put his artwork up on display. See his handiwork below.

All Eyes on Baby Bird

It’s a new definition for the term “eagle-eyed.” Watch as the drama unfolds on the Eagle Cam in Pittsburgh as we wait for one of the eggs to hatch.

Drama Unfolds on Eagle Cam

April 1, 201402:05

No Machines, All Manpower: How Men Moved a Whole House

And you thought moving boxes was hard. These men really put their muscles to work by moving an entire home without the aid of any machines. This is how they did it.