In Case You Missed It: Luxury Home Deliberately Set on Fire

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1. Cliff-Hanging House Set on Fire

Watch what happened when a Texas house teetering on a cliff 75 feet above Lake Whitney was intentionally set ablaze. The homeowners destroyed it to prevent the crumbling $700,000 home from falling into the water below.

2. When Will it End? Two More Deadly Shootings

Just days after the gunfire at Seattle Pacific University on June 5, there were two more recent shootings that left seven dead. At a high school outside Portland, Oregon, a 15-year-old freshman student shot and killed another freshman before taking his own life; and in Las Vegas, couple Jerad and Amanda Miller targeted two police officers, killing them both during their lunch break. They then shot a civilian at a nearby Walmart before police killed Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller killed herself.

3. Top 10 Productivity Killers at Work

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Have you been procrastinating at work lately? Odds are you were probably distracted by your phone. Check out this infographic to see all the ways we waste time.

4. Extremists Invade Iraq

On Wednesday NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell broke the news that Iraq had asked the U.S. for help in quelling the ISIS militants who have invaded the country. Since then, President Obama has vowed that the U.S. will not send combat troops back into Iraq. Other options, such as targeted drone attacks, are more likely.

ISIS is now considered the richest terror group in the world. After taking control of the country’s second-largest city, the militants are now pushing toward Baghdad.

Click here for full coverage.

5. Infographic: Over Half of Millennials Live Paycheck to Paycheck

A study of 1,400 millenials, ages 22 to 32, found 40 percent were overwhelmed by debt and half were not saving for retirement. Even so, most millenials say they are confident about their future. We break down the data here.

6. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Raises $80 Million

Alexandra Scott aimed to raise $1 million to fight childhood cancer –- and she met that goal before losing her battle with neuroblastoma. Now, in the years since her organization was started in 2005, they’ve found even greater success.

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