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In Case You Missed It: New Treatment for Food Allergies

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Take a look at some of the most popular stories we’ve posted this week on the “Nightly News” website.

1. A New Treatment for Food Allergies

An estimated 15 million people in the United States have a food allergy of some sort, and nearly 6 million of them are children. Now researchers are working on a way to desensitize patients who suffer from some of the most common allergies, showing some promising results for those who wish they could eat what they can’t. Looking at you, peanuts.

2. View From Way Above

A NASA astronaut captured a lightning storm from an out-of-this-world perspective: the edge of space. The storm took place over Houston, Texas, and the spectacular footage offers a rare view from the International Space Station 260 miles above Earth.

3. NBC News Team Caught in Crossfire in East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem was a battlefield this week, and on Wednesday, foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin and his NBC News team were caught in the crossfire when Israeli police fired at a crowd of Palestinian protestors and four journalists. An NBC cameraman was bruised by shrapnel. See the harrowing video here.

4. Born to Swim

Just in time for the holiday weekend, a report on a controversial approach to teaching swimming survival skills to babies. IRS, or Infant Swimming Rescue, teaches babies and toddlers to float on their backs. It may rattle their parents’ nerves, but the method could be a lifesaver.

5. Bear Cub Rescued From Cookie Jar

In a scene straight out of Winnie the Pooh, a 6-month-old black bear cub got his head stuck in an animal cookie jar he found in a trash can. As rescuers approached, the frightened cub climbed up a tree. Eventually, the bear was freed from the jar, and all was right in Pooh Corner again.