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In Case You Missed It: Obesity Skyrockets Across the Globe

Check out some of Nightly News' most popular web stories from the past week.

Too busy to stay on top of the news? We've curated this week's best stories from the "Nightly News" website.

Obesity Skyrockets Across the Globe

What’s especially interesting about the new study in medical journal The Lancet is that obesity rates are no longer a malady of rich nations alone. Now, says the study’s lead author, two-thirds of the obese population lives in developing countries. But it’s the U.S., which has long struggled to curtail the obesity epidemic, that has more obese people than any other country in the world.

Pope Francis’s Candid Press Conference

On his way back from a three-day trip to the Middle East, Pope Francis fielded questions from reporters for nearly an hour during his flight back to Rome.

His comments about celibacy were largely what made headlines. But he addressed a number of other issues during the no-holds-barred press conference, including the Church’s sexual abuse scandal. We’ve compiled the best highlights here.

NBC News’ Anne Thompson was traveling with the pontiff during his trip to the Holy Land. Check out her reporter’s notebook for a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Brian Williams' Interview With Edward Snowden

Brian Williams’ exclusive interview with former NSA contractor Edward Snowden addressed the global impact and debate sparked by Snowden's revelations. The primetime special, Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden, aired on Wednesday night.

Click here for complete coverage.

Desperate Measures: Texas Town May Run Out of Drinking Water

Wichita Falls, Texas, is so desperate for water, the town now plans to recycle the water people flush down their toilets -- to use as drinking water. About 90 percent of the state is in drought. Is this the new normal? Janet Shamlian reports.

Infographic: Top 5 Most-Stolen Cars in US

Did you know that a vehicle is stolen approximately every 43 seconds in the U.S.? Check out this infographic illustrating the type of cars that are stolen (and recovered) most often.

Congratulations, Graduates!

This week included one of our favorite traditions at “Nightly News,” a celebration of college graduates across the country. We canvassed the country to gather some of the most memorable moments around the nation for our annual commencement roundup: the speeches, the traditions, and, of course, the graduates themselves as they celebrate their accomplishments and look toward the future.

And speaking of graduation, did you know Brian Williams visited Hillwood High School recently to give a commencement speech? Find out why he made the trek to Tennessee and watch his speech here.