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Do you know who's in Ringo Starr's photo?

Photo: Ringo Starr

Do any of the people in this picture look familiar? Ringo Starr wants to know!

Nearly five decades ago, Starr snapped this photo during the Beatles' first trip to the U.S., where they were slated to play on "The Ed Sullivan Show."  The Beatlemania image above is one of several never-before-seen pictures in Starr's new book, "Photograph."

"I love pictures put together, showing different times of your life," Starr says on the publisher's website. "At the time, I never thought that there would be a whole book of my photographs."

Now, Genesis Publications is searching for the people shown above. If you have any information about the photo, please email:   

Starr has signed each numbered copy of his limited edition book, and is donating all royalties to the Lotus Foundation.