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A glimpse into the class of 2017

Every year Beloit College releases its "Mindset List" describing the incoming freshman class. This year they profile the Class of 2017, a group of college students they refer to as part of the "sharing generation" -- no matter how personal the information may be.   

A few tidbits: 

1. Eminem and LL Cool J could show up at parents’ weekend.

2. They are the sharing generation, having shown tendencies to share everything, including possessions, no matter how personal.

3. GM means food that is Genetically Modified.

4. As they started to crawl, so did the news across the bottom of the television screen.

5. “Dude” has never had a negative tone.

6. As their parents held them as infants, they may have wondered whether it was the baby or Windows 95 that had them more excited.

7. As kids they may well have seen Chicken Run but probably never got chicken pox.

8. Having a chat has seldom involved talking.

Click here for the full list