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1. MH370: Legal Shift to Payouts for Families of the Missing

In Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, lawyers are stalking the hallways of hotels, looking for potential clients. As insensitive as that may sound, lawsuits and settlements are the next phases for the families of passengers on missing Malaysia Flight 370. The airline is expected to make payments to relatives, but families can choose to sue it for more damages, which could total hundreds of thousands of dollars per passenger. Families can also sue Boeing, or any of the plane part manufacturers – another reason why finding the wreckage is so important.

2. In-Flight Entertainment

The Australian cast of “The Lion King” treated passengers to an impromptu performance of “The Circle of Life” as they boarded a plane headed to Sydney. Fellow commuters looked confused but delighted as the cast belted out the Disney tune. No word on whether they performed the entire show or stopped after just the one song.

3. Earthquake Rattles Chilean Coast

A magnitude-8.2 earthquake stuck the coast of Chile and triggered a tsunami with 6-foot waves. At least six people were killed and tens of thousands have been evacuated, while police are now searching for hundreds of inmates who escaped from a women’s prison in Iquique. Landslides, fires and dozens of aftershocks were reported throughout the night, but the true scope of the damage remains unclear. A tsunami advisory remains in effect for Hawaii.

4. Maybe Millennials Are Less Entitled Than We Thought

Back in the day, when the walk to school was uphill both ways, it was actually feasible to pay your way through college with a casual summer job. But with the current spike in tuition,working your way through higher education is nearly impossible without the help of family or financial aid. The Atlantic reports that an average college kid would need to work 48 hours a week at a minimum wage position in order to pay for his or her schooling. That kind of time commitment leaves little room for the things that one would go to college for … things like attending class.

5. Think Your Day Is Bad? This Guy Just Wrecked a $400k Car

If you’re going to drop $400,000 on a super sports car, of course you’re going to want to occasionally mash the gas. Just don’t do it like this guy. A man driving a Lamborghini Aventador in London tried to zip past a car on a crowded street. He clipped the car, went airborne, and hit two other cars before coming to a stop. His once-beautiful sports car is now a ball of carbon fiber and steel. Hey, Mario Andretti, chill out.

6. Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

The zebra stripe riddle has puzzled scientists – including Charles Darwin – for over a century. There were five main theories as to why the stripes exist, but only one stood out to biologist Tim Caro at the University of California-Davis: a zebra’s stripes act as bug repellent. Caro's research found the stripes shoo flies by disrupting their vision and making it difficult for them to land. However, some mysteries don’t have black and white answers, and this study is unlikely to be the last word on the debate.