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House of Cards’ Fan? Here’s How to Avoid Spoilers

With this morning’s 12 a.m. “House of Cards” release, the risk of stumbling upon a spoiler is growing exponentially.

Some people will binge-watch all 13 episodes, which will take roughly 11 hours, and they'll be ready to discuss the series finale by this afternoon.

This presents problems for people who won't be watching the entire series in one sitting -- including President Obama.

If you're also trying to avoid plot-reveals, here are a couple suggestions:

Check out Netflix's Spolier Foiler -- it hides tweets with danger words from your timeline.

And free apps like Spoiler Shield can help reduce incoming spoilers on your Facebook and Twitter feeds by filtering "House of Cards"-related content.

Of course, if all else fails, you can always just stay off social media ... and avoid in-person contact.