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ICYMI: Comet Makes Historic Landing in First for Mankind

From an amazing first for mankind to what may be the coolest place to work in the country, here are some highlights from Nightly News this week.

Comet Landing Makes Space History

It was a journey that began a decade ago – the European Space Agency’s Rosetta aircraft successfully landed a robot on the surface of a comet moving at 40,000 mph in space. And 300 million miles away, cheers erupted at watch parties around the world when the Philae lander finally touched down.

European Spacecraft Lands on Comet for First Time in History 2:52

The Fight Inside Kobani

For the U.S., Kobani is just one part of the fight against ISIS. But for the people left inside the Syrian town, there is no other fight. ISIS snipers make movement outdoors near impossible, doctors and medicine are in short supply, and if ISIS bombs the only bread bakery still in business, the city could starve. Kobani is hanging by a thread, and NBC’s Richard Engel is on the front lines with an exclusive look.

Tower of London Poppies Honor the Fallen

For some visitors, the power is overwhelming. The grounds surrounding the Tower of London are filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies – one for each soldier killed during World War I. The Queen along with some 4 million people have visited the exhibit to pay tribute in the place where young men once lined up to go to the war that, they said, would end all wars.

The End of Black Friday?

Traditionally considered the kickoff for the holidays, Black Friday seems to have expanded into an entire season, with deals starting earlier than ever before. One study predicts this year’s largest single-day price drop will be on the Sunday to Monday before Thanksgiving. Here’s what you need to know about finding the best holiday bargains.

Black Friday Isn’t Always the Best Day to Get the Deals 2:09

‘Best Place I’ve Ever Worked’

Imagine a job where you get unlimited vacation, can come and go as you please, and are allowed to bring the kids. Pot luck chili is what’s for lunch, and ice cold beer is always on top. One entrepreneur in Minneapolis has made this a reality for her 13-year-old tech company, which now employs 75 people and is hiring. Find out their secret to success.