ICYMI: Here's How to Save on Your Next Flight

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From the best airfare secrets to NASA’s new flight plan, here are some highlights from Nightly News this week.

The Best Airfare Secrets

If you’ve thought about getting away for the holidays, it turns out there may be no better time to book a flight than right now. But did you know there’s an exact time when it’s best to buy airline tickets? Airfare experts reveal helpful strategies that can help you save money.

Colorado’s Pot Boom

Nine months since recreational pot became legal in Colorado, so-called “potrepreneurs” have sold more than $300 million in legal marijuana throughout the state. But the business of pot is not without its problems. Marijuana-laced brownies and other edible pot products have proven tempting and dangerous for kids.

The Secret to Marital Bliss

The age-old maxim “happy wife, happy life” may have a basis in scientific fact. A study of nearly 400 married couples found that the happier the wife was with a marriage, the happier the husband, even if he thought the marriage was just so-so. So there it is: proof of what a lot of married men have been saying for years.

NASA’s New Flight Plan

It looks like the days of NASA paying the Russians millions of dollars to hitch a ride up to the International Space Station are numbered. Two companies, Boeing and SpaceX, will now split the job of sending American astronauts into space.

Birthday Money Rescue

Patryk Kogut was on his way to the mall, birthday money in hand, when he was approached by a man who stole his crisp $100 bill. Patrick, who has autism, gets visibly upset and it was all captured on surveillance video. What happened next has everybody talking.