ICYMI: Special Needs Teens Become Homecoming King and Queen

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Crowning Moment

It’s a stark contrast to the bullying we so often hear about in high school. Two students with special needs who run a coffee house in their school were voted king and queen of Dunwoody High School’s homecoming court – and it seems the entire school was pulling for them the whole time.

Dallas Nurse Speaks Out

As the two Texas Presbyterian nurses with Ebola were moved to specialty care centers, another nurse from their hospital spoke out about what she saw when victim Thomas Eric Duncan was treated. Brianna Aguirre tells NBC News she “threw a fit” over the lack of protective gear there for healthcare workers. If she were to test positive, she adds, “knowing what I know … I would do anything to refuse to go there.”


It could go down as one of the most awkward midterm debate moments in modern political history - a disagreement over the small electric fan used by Democrat Charlie Crist to keep himself cool. As the audience waited and TV viewers watched the live event, his debate opponent Florida Gov. Rick Scott took a stand against the fan and refused to come on stage for nearly five minutes.

Say What?

When a California pet owner’s long lost parrot, Nigel, was returned to him, there was something different about the bird. In place of the British accent Nigel used to have was a brand new one: in Spanish. And, who is this guy Larry he now repeatedly mentions?

Where the Wild Things Are

A chase in Southern California had people across the country glued to their screens when a chopper hovered overhead filming it all. But it wasn’t the usual freeway car chase, it was a dramatic and emotional scene of a protective mama bear trying to free her cub from a dumpster.