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ICYMI: What One Boy Did For Disabled Brother Will Make You Smile

From a touching tale of brotherly love to a combat veteran having a ball at the U.S. Open, here are some highlights from Nightly News’ this week.

Brotherly Love

When 8-year-old Noah Aldrich decided to enter a kids’ triathlon, he knew his little brother Lucas – who is confined to a wheelchair – wouldn’t settle for the sidelines. Lucas was born with a rare brain disorder and can’t walk, talk or feed himself. When the day of the big race arrived, Noah pulled and pushed his brother the whole way as he swam, biked and ran.

Hotels Pile on Extra Fees

Before you check into a hotel, check out the upcharges. Hotels are raking in big bucks by tacking on extra fees to your bill, and those add-ons are expected to bring in a record $2.25 billion for hotels this year. Here’s what to look for in the fine print the next time you plan a getaway.

Let Them Sleep

Late to bed, early to rise – it’s a way of life for teens and adolescents during the school year. Find out why the nation’s most influential group of pediatricians is now saying there are serious benefits to starting the school day a little later.

Legroom Fight Forces Landing

A fight that broke out in the not-so-friendly skies over legroom forced an emergency landing. A $22 gadget called a “Knee Defender” prevented one woman from reclining her seat, which spurred an argument so unruly it forced the entire Denver-bound flight to divert to Chicago.

The U.S. Open’s Oldest Ball Boy

Turn on this year’s U.S. Open and you’ll notice something a little different. Among the 275 mostly-teenaged boys is Todd Reed: a 53-year-old decorated war veteran, retired cop, Green Beret and an amputee who lost part of his right leg in a land mine explosion during Operation Desert Storm. Find out what brought him to the tennis world stage.