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ICYMI: Why Airfares Are Rising Despite Lower Fuel Costs

From soaring airfares to the consequences of “text neck,” here are some highlights from Nightly News this week.

What’s Keeping Airfares Sky-High?

Airlines are reporting record profits this year, so why are airline tickets still soaring? Fares are up as much as 15 percent this Thanksgiving and flights in early December are no better. With jet fuel costs down 17 percent, the nation’s major airlines are saving tens of millions of dollars every week. Find out where that extra money is going and how it could impact your next flight.

No Way Out in Buffalo

Residents are digging out after a massive snowstorm dumped up to 7 feet of snow in some places in Buffalo, New York. A dad describes walking four miles, past 8-foot snow drifts, to get food for his baby, hundreds of vehicles remain stranded, and officials worry rising temperatures could bring a new threat. Lester Holt gets an aerial view of the disaster, including the snowed-in Bills’ stadium.

Snow Emergency in Buffalo Cuts Off Entire Neighborhoods 3:25

Texting Is a Pain in the Neck

Everyone does it, but is leaning forward to read a text on your smartphone damaging your spine? Most people spend two to four hours a day staring at their gadgets, but when your head is tilted forward, doctors say it’s like carrying six bowling balls around your neck. If you don’t want the added stress, here are some tips for safe texting.

This Is What Texting Does to Your Spine 1:19

‘Make Him Proud’

The FDNY lost 343 firefighters on 9/11. Now, 13 years later, a child of one of the fallen is following in her father’s footsteps. Josephine Smith graduated from the FDNY academy Tuesday, becoming the first daughter of a 9/11 responder to join the ranks as one of New York’s bravest – just like her dad.

Anchor’s Year in the Suit

Every day for the past year, a morning news anchor in Australia wore the same blue suit on the air – and nobody noticed. He says he did it to make a point about an all too common double standard between men and women. His co-anchor said it best: “Women are judged more harshly for what they do, what they say and what they wear."

Anchorman Wore Same Suit Every Day for a Year and No One Noticed 0:37