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Infographic: How Much Sleep Do Americans Get?

Find out how much shut-eye the average U.S. adult gets each night.
Sleep habits of average Americans

Most Americans say they aren't getting enough sleep, according to a recent poll by the National Sleep Foundation. On average, U.S. adults reported sleeping only 6 hours, 31 minutes on weekdays and 7 hours, 22 minutes on weekends. When asked how often they can say “I had a good night’s sleep,” only 44 percent of respondents said “every night or almost every night,” while 25 percent said “rarely” or “never.”

Many adults are plugged in until an hour before bedtime. Two-thirds of respondents said they watch TV and 51 percent said they use a computer, laptop or tablet right before going to bed.

But how much sleep do we really need? There’s new research that may surprise you. Tune in to “NBC Nightly News” tonight for more.