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It Takes a Village: Seniors Thrive While Living at Home

Friday on "Nightly News" we continued our series called Trading Places, which features stories from the NBC News family, and how we help care for our aging parents. Our latest story features Brian Williams' in-laws, who are part of a movement rejecting the idea of moving late in life to a retirement community or an assisted living facility.

Volunteers Help Seniors Continue to Live at Home 4:01

They are members of what's known as a "village." The idea behind the "village model," as it's called, is to make it possible for seniors to stay in their communities, even their homes, as long as possible.

Staying Put Program Eases Aging Anxieties 0:33

If you're interested in finding out if there's a village near you or if you'd like to join the village network, you can find further information at:

And if you'd like to watch a previous Trading Places episode, we've posted Dr. Nancy Snyderman's story below:

Dr. Nancy Snyderman and Her Parents Share Their Story 2:32