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Kick Start Your Week With Five Feel Good Stories

Watch as a deaf woman hears for the first time and see a long-lost dog reunite with its owner.

Long-Lost Dog Finally Reunites With Family

Sassy’s owners assumed she was dead. But after more than a year, the dog finally returned home.

Man Hits Lotto Jackpot After Losing Wife

Truck driver Timothy McDaniel joked that he’d eat steak and lobster every night of the week after winning $650,000 on a California scratch-off ticket. His good fortune came just a week after his wife died of a heart attack.

“I think she just kind of sent me this money so I could continue taking care of the (grand) kids,” the 55-year-old told the California Lottery.

Woman to Fulfill Her Organ Donor’s Bucket List

Susan Vieira says her congestive heart failure likely would have killed her, but a heart transplant saved her life. She received Kristina Chesterman’s heart after a drunken driver hit the 21-year-old as she rode her bike. Now Vieira has made it her mission to complete the young woman’s bucket list to pay tribute to the young woman who gave her a second chance at life.

Deaf Woman Hears for the First Time

Joanne Milne was born deaf, but thanks to a set of cochlear implants, she’s able to hear for the first time. See the 39-year-old’s response to experiencing the very first sounds in her life.

Ad Agency Is Staffed by Addicts

Creative Matters is an advertising agency fueled by recovering addicts. Read about the origins of this successful agency.