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If you are looking for signs of spring, look no farther than the Eagle Cam in Pittsburgh. Two adults are keeping house high in a tree on a hill above the Monongahela River. Two chicks have hatched and a third may bust its way into the world at any minute.

Drama Unfolds on Eagle Cam

April 1, 201402:04

As you probably know, the bald eagle has come back from the brink of extinction. In fact, the bird is no longer listed as threatened, thanks in large part to the banning of DDT and other harmful pollutants. The eagles ate fish from rivers where there was farm runoff laden with insecticides. And while the birds could lay eggs, the eggs were not viable. So, slowly, the bald eagle worked its way to the brink.

Once DDT was banned, the bird began its comeback. And now you can watch the mated pair live it up along the banks of a river that was once so polluted it was rare to find a single bluegill. Eagles in Pittsburgh: that’s progress.

Click here to visit the Eagle Cam and watch the eagles in action.

Caron, Christina (502047430) / Pittsburgh Hays Bald Eagle Camera