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Rare Color Film Transports You to 1964 World's Fair

In this full-length documentary, NBC News' Edwin Newman takes viewers on a tour of New York's 1964 World's Fair.

The brilliant Edwin Newman brought an open mind and droll wit to an NBC special about the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

The documentary, "A World's Fair Diary," will take you back in time and on a tour of what many call the last great World’s Fair. With Newman as a guide, you can visit the Queens, New York, fairgrounds that once cost $2 to enter, $1 for children under 12. Between 1964 and 1965, more than 50 million Americans attended to witness all it had to offer, including the debut of the Ford Mustang. Below watch the entire full-length documentary.

Check out the documentary to see several futuristic gadgets unveiled to eager crowds. Watch as guests marvel at a man flying through the air wearing a jet pack. See fair-goers be mystified by the then-modern technology of the first computers. Perhaps some of the greatest moments of the rare film are when Newman gives his own insights on how best to enjoy the fair. “Come early,” he warns, and avoid the “dull and unimaginative” state exhibits. Take a look and be transported to another time, now remembered for its optimism for a better tomorrow.

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