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Seth Rogen to Congress: It’s Not About Pot

Seth Rogen used his trademark humor to deliver personal testimony on Alzheimer’s disease Wednesday before a Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s research. The “Knocked-Up” star said he came to the Senate for a few reasons -- the first being that he is a huge “House of Cards” fan, but more importantly, to request help for those dealing with the devastating effects of the disease.

Rogen asked a Senate subcommittee to increase funding for Alzheimer’s research. His mother-in-law suffers from early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Seth Rogen testifies at Senate hearing 6:23

Of course, Rogen is not the first celebrity to garner media attention for political causes. Here we take a look at a few other memorable celebrity sightings.

On Wednesday, Ben Affleck appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and called on President Obama to directly engage with President Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo to encourage him to live up to his commitment to security reforms.

Affleck Says 'Real' State Dept. 'Much Better' Than in Argo 0:21

In 2013, actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner testified in California's capital in support of Senate Bill 606, which was eventually signed into law. It protects the celebrity children from paparazzi by imposing penalties for harassment.

Celebs lobby to protect their kids from photogs 2:09

And in 2010, Stephen Colbert testified before Congress on the topic of Immigration and Border Security saying he “rejects the idea that farm work is among the semi-mythical jobs that American’s won’t do.”

Watch Colbert's statement before Congress 5:21