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Tonight's Nightly Perspective: 5 Stories You Need to Know

<p>The news you care about from Brian Williams and the "Nightly News" team.</p>

Veto Likely for Anti-Gay Bill? The tide seems to be turning for the Arizona bill that would allow anyone in business to refuse service to others on the basis of religious beliefs.

US Plans to Withdraw all Forces from Afghanistan In a phone call Tuesday, President Obama urged Afghan President Hamid Karzai to sign a bilateral security agreement.

Inside the Opulent Palace of Ukraine’s Former Leader The palace, guarded by protesters, has been met with curiosity by Ukrainians who had never before seen how their president was living.

Why Going ‘Under Observation’ Can Cost You The administrative decision to categorize a patient as “under observation” as opposed to “inpatient” can have a lasting impact.

Gold Rush! Couple Finds Buried Treasure Worth Millions The California couple, who do not wish to be identified, discovered a can of gold coins from the 1800s.

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