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Top 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in 2014

A new survey reveals which professions are the biggest headaches for employers to hire.
Jobs in demand

Four in 10 American employers are struggling to fill open positions, according to the annual Talent Shortage Survey by human resources firm Manpower.

For the fifth consecutive year, the jobs that are hardest to fill fall into the category of skilled trades, which covers manufacturing, construction and other positions that require professional training or apprenticeship. This category includes plumbers, electricians, carpenters and brickalyers. Laborers, on the other hand, are defined by Manpower as workers who possess few specialized skills.

But talent shortage is not just an American problem. Worldwide, 36 percent of employers said they had trouble finding qualified candidates for certain positions – a seven-year high for the report, which was based on a survey of 37,000 employers in 42 countries and territories.

Here’s the list of the top 10 global jobs that are most difficult to fill.