After Oregon Shooting, Kasich Opposes ‘Stripping’ Guns

Kasich Reacts to Oregon Shootings While Hearing the News on Camera 1:02

Ohio Governor John Kasich took a solidly Republican position on guns in the aftermath of a mass shooting at an Oregon Community College Thursday.

The Republican presidential candidate told NBC News Thursday that “stripping law abiding people of their guns … I don’t believe it will get the job done. I just don’t.”

“You can strip all the guns away but the people who are going to commit crimes or have problems are always going to have the guns and more and more people feel like I’d like to be able to protect myself,” Kasich added.

While in Congress, Kasich supported the federal ban on assault weapons that passed in 1994, prompting him to receive an “F” from the powerful, pro-gun National Rifle Association. But since he became governor of Ohio, he has expanded gun rights.

Kasich said that what is necessary to protect against mass shooting is that schools and universities have to have a plan in place to respond to the situation.