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In Another Instagram Video, Donald Trump Mocks 'Low Energy' Jeb Bush

Well, that was only a matter of time.
Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, left, and Jeb Bush. AP; Getty Images

Well, that was only a matter of time.

When a woman at a Jeb Bush rally in New Hampshire nodded off as the Florida governor spoke last Thursday, it was a made-for-Donald-Trump moment for the GOP frontrunner, who has been blasting Bush as “low-energy.”

In the latest Instagram video from Trump, a narrator asks “Having trouble sleeping at night? Too much energy? Need some low energy?” Then, the video cuts to Bush explaining the intricacies of health savings accounts as the female supporter appears to nap in the background.

The tagline: “Jeb, for all your sleeping needs.”

After the event on Thursday, Bush tweeted a picture of himself with the fatigued attendee, who he said was a working mother who had been awake since the wee hours of the morning for a lengthy work shift.

Bush also hit back late Tuesday with an Instagram video of his own, highlighting Trump's 2007 statement that Hillary Clinton would "do a good job" negotiating a deal with Iran.