Bernie Sanders Announces $15 Million Fundraising Haul

The Bernie Sanders campaign has raised $15 million since April 30, with a total of about 250,000 donors.

The campaign says that the average donation to the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate was about $33 and that 99% of donations were under $250.

Compare that to Hillary Clinton’s announced haul of at least $45 million. The Clinton campaign says that 91% of the donations were under $100, although the overall number of donors isn’t yet known.

The news of Sanders’ fundraising data comes a day after he drew a crowd of 10,000 at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

A new poll in Iowa shows that Sanders has doubled his support in the early caucus state, rising from 15 percent in polls in May to 33 percent now.

Sanders Hypes Large Crowd During Wisconsin Visit 0:28