Bernie Sanders Wins Maine Caucuses, NBC News Projects

Rubio wins Puerto Rico primary; Sanders tops Clinton in Maine 2:43

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Maine caucuses, NBC News projects.

This is the latest caucus state Sanders has won in the Democratic presidential nominating process. He also won two caucuses Saturday - Nebraska and Kansas. Sanders will win 15 of Maine's 30 delegates, while Clinton will be awarded eight, according to allocation estimates by NBC News. Including super delegates, the statewide totals are 16 for Sanders, who has the support of one super delegate, and 11 for Clinton, who has the support of three super delegates.

Bernie Sanders has minor comeback as Clinton's lead grows 2:27

Clinton, however, continues to dominate the delegate count.

"With another double-digit victory, we have now won by wide margins in states from New England to the Rocky Mountains and from the Midwest to the Great Plains," Sanders said in a statement. "This weekend alone we won in Maine, Kansas and Nebraska. The pundits might not like it but the people are making history. We now have the momentum to go all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”