A ‘Brokered’ GOP Convention? John Kasich Thinks So

Ohio Gov. John Kasich told conservative activists Friday he believes there will be a brokered convention when the Republican party gathers in his home state this summer.

When asked during an apperance at the Conservative Political Action Conference whether or not he thought there would be a brokered convention, Kasich responded, “I do.”

Kasich's also told Fox News' Sean Hannity he would not directly attack GOP front-runner Donald Trump, who this morning pulled out of CPAC. Instead, he argued that the “Stop Trump” movement needs more than insults.

“You will not beat him by smearing him. You will beat him by having a vision and a record,” Kasich said when asked directly about former Gov. Mitt Romney’s speech against Trump.

When it comes to winning his home state, the Ohio governor maintained that he believes it’s possible, just as he did on Meet the Press last Sunday.

“I'm going to win Ohio, but if I don't win Ohio, then ballgame over,” he told Chuck Todd.

Kasich continued to tout his record in Ohio throughout the afternoon, including telling the crowd about his dominating re-election in November 2014. His happy-warrior mentality remained ever prevalent, telling the crowd that he was re-elected so soundly because “bringing people together works.”

Kasich also tried to paint himself as an anti-establishment candidate. While talking about his time in Washington, the governor said, “Year after year after year I fought the establishment. I fought the establishment because they wanted the status quo.”