Bush an Aggressor Early into GOP Debate

Trump Comes Under Fire At Debate 1:40

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush went on the offensive early into the second Republican presidential debate, so much so that even Donald Trump noticed.

“More energy tonight, I like that,” Trump quipped during a back-and-forth over the influence donors have on Bush’s campaign.

Trump has frequently called his GOP rival “low energy” and boring while on the campaign trail. He released an Instagram video of a Bush supporter appearing to snooze during a recent campaign event.

Bush seemed determined Wednesday to be the aggressor, saying Trump tried to push casino gambling in Florida after donating to Bush’s gubernatorial campaign.

Here’s the exchange:

Trump: More energy tonight, I like that. (Laughter) It was my obligation as a businessman to my family, to my employees to get along with everyone...

Bush: He supports Pelosi, he supports Schumer, he supports Clinton

Trump: Got along with everybody

Bush: And when he asked Florida to have casino gambling, we said no.

Trump: Wrong! Don't make things up Jeb, don't make things up.

Bush: Don't cut me off sir.