Bush Receives Major Endorsement In New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, NH — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is getting a big endorsement in New Hampshire from State Senate President Chuck Morse. Morse will serve as one of Bush’s New Hampshire co-chairs.

Morse is the highest-ranking, currently-serving elected New Hampshire Republican official to make an endorsement in the presidential race. Other candidates were also seeking his support.

“Washington is broken and we need to send a proven leader with a strong, conservative track record there to turn entrenched government upside down and make it work for Americans again. Jeb Bush has that track record and he needs to be our next President,” Morse said in a statement. "In a field of good candidates, Jeb Bush clearly stands out. Jeb’s never been part of the DC culture and he will take on the special interests and and bring fiscal sanity to Washington.”

"Senator Morse ... is one of the hardest working elected officials in New Hampshire and I'm proud to add him to our growing team in the state,” Bush said in a statement.

Morse will make the formal announcement at a Bush town hall in Concord on Wednesday evening.