Bush, Rubio Are Biggest Ad Spenders in South Carolina

As New Hampshire voters finish casting their ballots, the presidential race turns to South Carolina and Nevada -- and so already have the TV ads.

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In South Carolina, the biggest ad-spender has been Jeb Bush's Super PAC, Right to Rise, which has already dropped $10.3 million in ads in the Palmetto State, according to data from SMG Delta. That's closely followed by the $9.4 million that Marco Rubio's campaign and outside groups have spent.

Team Ted Cruz -- campaign and outside groups -- has spent $5.7 million in South Carolina, while Donald Trump's campaign has dropped $1 million in the state and Ben Carson's campaign has spent nearly $700,000.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders' campaign has spent almost $750,000 in ads, versus $440,000 for Clinton.

Meanwhile, in Nevada, the Sanders's campaign has spent $1.9 million in the state, while the Clinton campaign has spent $1.5 million.

Overall, the biggest ad spender in the 2016 presidential contest to date has been Team Bush, which has spent $76.7 million over the airwaves. Next is Team Rubio’s $48 million.

And on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is outspending Team Clinton, $21 million to $17 million.

Biggest ad spenders to date

Team Bush: $76.7 million ($71.8M from Super PAC, $4.9 million from campaign)

Team Rubio: $48 million ($16.9M from campaign, $20.7M from Super PAC, $10.5M from 501c4)

Team Sanders: $21.3 million (all from campaign)

Team Clinton: $17.4 million ($17.2M from campaign, $199K from Super PAC)

Team Christie: $16.6 million ($16.1M from Super PAC, $500K from campaign)

Team Cruz: $13.9 million ($5M from campaign, rest from outside groups)

Team Kasich: $13.2 million ($12.7M from outside groups, $500K from campaign)

Team Trump: $8.3 million (all from campaign)