Christie and Rand Paul Continue Feud After Fiery Debate

The feud between Chris Christie and Rand Paul that resulted in one of the most fiery exchanges of Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate has spilled into a second day.

Christie told NBC News on Friday that Paul has “accomplished absolutely nothing in his political career” and questioned whether the Kentucky senator will continue polling high enough to make the main debate next month.

“He's gone down to Washington, made waves, given a bunch of speeches that he cuts and puts on the Internet to raise money,” Christie said in an interview ahead of his appearance at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta.

“I'm going to be lectured by him? He wants to do that in a month in California, if he's still on the stage after that performance last night,” he added, referencing next month’s Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California.

The two men sparred during the first GOP presidential debate over the government’s collection of phone records, with Paul arguing the bulk collection of data is unconstitutional and Christie countering that the practice is necessary to keep the country safe.

Paul took to Twitter Friday morning to counter Christie, writing that the New Jersey governor “will fear monger and violate your Constitutional rights.”

“I just don’t have any respect for his position,” Christie told NBC. “The hardest thing for me last night was just to not convey that I have no respect for his position.”

Update: Rand Paul campaign spokesman Sergio Gor issued the following response: Chris Christie is welcome to embrace President Obama's bulk data collection which hasn't caught a single terrorist but has invaded personal privacy.